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All-in-one SMART Page Solution featuring Bookings,
Virtual Photo Frame, Built-In Deal Coupons and more!

Technology Tools For The Modern Day Salon Professional

Built-In Booking Request

Impress service clients today with Built-in Booking or integrate your own Booking software.

Virtual Photo Frame

Bring any device to life and DAZZLE service clients with our sleek, built-in virtual photo frame.

Built-In Deals w/timer

Have a discount or deal you want offer to capture more clients? Add built-in deals w/countdown timer.

Unlimited Pages

Create Unlimited Pages And Take Your Beauty Business To The Next Level!

Independent Salon Professionals can now have the vital tools and resources they need to run their business successfully in 2023.

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$99 A Year!


Unlimited Pages

A Page For Everything, Literally!

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Website Pages

Product Pages

Greeting Pages

Holiday Greeting Pages

Get Creative With SmartPage+ Today!

See Our Demo Pages

Hair Stylist Page

Barber Page

Esthetician Page

Get Creative, Endless Possibilities

Endless possibilities

Greeting Pages

Make birthday wishes a piece of cake with customizable Greeting Pages

Greeting & Product Pages

A Page For Everything

GREETING Pages offers an effortless way to stay in touch! Design, customize, and even add your clients name to the page & url in a matter of minutes. 

*Greeting pages & Product pages are savable & reusable 

Unlimited Pages For Only $99 A Year!

Next-Level Technology

Setup In Less Than 5 Clicks

Salon Pros Can Set Up A Super Modern Page In Less Than 5 Clicks

Bookings or BYO-Booking

Salon Pros Can Set Up Booking Requests Easily And Effortlessly For Service Clients

Discounts/Deal Coupons

Salon Pros That Have Specials And Need More Clients, We Have Them Covered!

Virtual Photo Frame

Bring any device to life and DAZZLE service clients with our sleek, built-in virtual photo frame.

Member Feedback

Our Reviews

“Looks just like a website!”“I use it to promote my products!”“Great product! LOVE the QR code.”“Better than offering just facebook!”“Photo Frame is worth the cost alone!”

Smart Page is the real deal! I can now showcase all of my creative work like never before

    Sean B.


    My value has skyrocketed with the help of this service. Great addition to my booking feature.

      Miya H.


      I absolutely love this tool. The features are amazing and the pages look incredible.

        David G.

        Suite Manager & Stylist

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